Hi, I'm  Morgan Brown.
freelance designer developer artist

currently based in las vegas, nv

10 years of experience:

  •   Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash
  •   html5, css3, php, jquery, ajax, xhtml
  •   SEO (Google Analytics certified)
  •   drawing, painting, murals
  •   Microsoft Office, iWork
  •   writing and editing
  •   linoleum, letterpress printing, book binding
  •   decorating, and all-in-all making things 'look good'!

I am dedicated to quality service.

Some client reviews:

Morgan delivers  quality work  in good time at  low cost  -- a superhero who breaks the "pick two" law of project management. Our clients have  always been pleased  with her work, and she has never been late.

Projects are always to specification, even if she has to research the specs herself. She runs such a tight ship I've hired her for personal work, and with her eternal professionalism, she's graciously endured my arbitrary whims and indecisiveness while  making me look good to friends, family, acquaintances and those precious few I'm gratified to one-up.

Morgan, thank you. I'm sticking around.

- House & Hoffman

Morgan presents her great talent in a creative and professional manner. She is very  knowledgeable,  prompt, and complete.
- TKS Inc. Salon

In working with Morgan on a couple of small projects for my company, I found her to be an  excellent communicator, a great listener, a creative innovator, and an  out-of-the-box thinker. She carries herself with a great deal of confidence and brings a lot to the table. I strongly recommend her.
- Blue River Massage


I can make you the perfect website to fit your needs - something easy to use, pretty to look at, and a good ROI.


I focus my designs on the user experience. Colors, positioning, and cool effects determine what your site's visitor sees first and remembers. Is your goal to sell products? To archive information? The perfect design will fuel your site's purpose.


Form and function must work hand-in-hand for a successful website. I am equally passionate about both.



I develop HTML5 based sites using CSS3, PHP, and Jquery. Today's websites are expected to have slick interfaces with easy navigation and quick-to-skim content. I develop sites to make sure that visitors will keep clicking across your site.

Impress your visitors to keep them coming back!

I can code you a custom website from the ground up, or I can edit a template on a public platform like Wordpress or Squarespace. Each approach has different advantages:

Custom Site

Edited Template

Faster to get up-and-running

One-of-a-kind layout, animations, architecture

Easily optimized for search engines

Pre-tested widgets for common features

Any custom effects you want

Customized features you need to accomplish your goals

No knowledge of code needed to update content

A site built around your branding


You want a site that not only looks stunning, but generates stunning metrics as well. I can help with that!

Whether your existing site needs optimization or your new one can be optimized from the ground up, I can help your rankings. I have researched and applied SEO and analytics to both big sites and small sites.

Some sites need new customers; some want to offer information to a particular audience; some are just having fun. Different strategies of SEO help achieve unique site goals. The investment will pay off.


Connect with your visitors by optimizing your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles. Establishing that relationship with your customers and readers leads to conversions and loyal followers.

Your brand needs to be recognizable across all social media platforms. In today's world, it hurts business to ignore social customers. Let people pin your products, like your page, and comment on your statuses!


I charge on a per-hour basis. The following table provides a starting timeline:

Hours Needed

Delivery Time

Custom Site

60 hrs+

1 month

Edited Template

25 hrs+

3 weeks


10 hrs+

2 weeks

Content Optimization for small site ( < 100 pages)

10 hrs+

2 weeks

Content Optimization for large site ( > 100 pages)

20 hrs+

3 weeks


Drop me a line to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation!


I'm designing the first impression guests will have of your event, so capturing your vision is crucial. We will talk about:

  • your event's theme
  • colors and materials you are planning to use
  • if the occasion is formal or casual
  • what time of year you picked
  • the venue and atmosphere
  • little quirks that show your personality
  • what inspired the event
  • what you want the guests to think when they open the envelope

Your vision for the event will shine through the invitation!


I can design it all for you: the save the date card, thank you notes, guestbook, menus, programs, favors - just about anything you need customized for your ceremony.

Creative events are the most memorable, so customizing the details ensure that your guests will be impressed and grateful you took the time to plan them something special.

For printing packages or complete packages, I can make as many invitations or favors as you need, plus 10 extra (just in case!).


My favorite projects to design are one-of-a-kind, the designs that bring your unique ideas to life. I prefer to meet face-to-face so we can really talk, browse examples, and dream up your perfect invitation.

I am WID (way into details!) so your custom invitation can have all the bells and whistles you want. Do you want a vellum inner envelope? Lace and burlap border? Letter-press printed text? Done and done!


Total charges vary based on individual orders and packages, but the following table provides a starting figure:

Time Until Delivery

Estimated Budget

Custom design, files ready-to-print

1 week+

$400 and up

Edited Template (either one of my past designs or a template bought from a third-party site)

3 days+

$75 and up

Invitations designed and printed with accessories/decorations by hand

3 weeks+

$1,000 and up

Invitations designed, printed, decorated, stuffed, and mailed

4 weeks+

$1,500 and up

**Estimates based on packages of up to 100 invitations.


Graphic design can apply to so many projects - what do you have in mind? I design for print and web and everything in between.


I create high-res, eye-catching designs for anything you can think of. Let your imagination run wild!

  • Logos and Advertising
  • Posters and Flyers
  • Cards and Invitations
  • Book design
  • T-shirts
  • Calendars
  • Wine Labels


I have experience both with digitally designing and printing books as well as letter-press printing with lead and wood type. I enjoy hand-binding books so that the cover and presentation portray the book's message.

If you have a custom project that you would like hand-bound (like a guest book, children's book, hand-made journal, etc.), I can either bind it traditionally or make the project a more creative presentation.

Hand-made books present opportunities for turning the words inside the book into art. Pages don't have to turn left-to-right. They can expand into an accordion-style book 5 feet long. Or the cover of the book

I would love to bring your visions to life!


I have a passion for typography that goes beyond just practicality. How your text looks is just as important as what your text says. A brand's personality can be summed up in the font chosen for its logo; an ad's message can be overlooked or outstanding simply based on the font it's written in.

Bold colors are crucial elements of any design - and I consider black a color. Accent colors and white space must support the design's colors and textures so the viewer's eye is not overwhelmed, but impressed.

Rich, larger-than-life photographs give so much excitement when paired with sleek designs and raw color. The combination of texture and flat spaces makes my designs an engaging combination of modern and classic style.


Graphic design can apply to so many projects, but some of the most common are listed below with price estimates to give you a ballpark figure:

Time Until Delivery

Estimated Budget

Logo design

1 week+

$400 and up

T-shirt design

1 week+

$400 and up

Event Flyer or Program

5 days+

$300 and up

Book design

2 weeks+

$800 and up

Book binding

3 days+

$100 and up


In a digital age, I enjoy any opportunity to get my hands dirty in paints, pencils, or pastels. I can create custom artwork for your home, office, or to give as a gift.


I can create the perfect piece of art for any space in your home. My medium of choice is oil on canvas. I can create a piece at any size, 6" high to 6' high to a full-wall mural.

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Still Life
  • Color Scene


I can turn your furniture into a striking one-of-a-kind piece customized for your individual room.

Sealants keep the furniture safe to use.

  • Tables and Chairs (indoor or outdoor)
  • Dressers and Chests
  • Bookshelves


I charge per piece for paintings or painted furniture. Murals vary by size, detail, and location. The prices below can give you an idea:

Time Until Delivery

Estimated Budget

2' by 2' painting

4 days+

$400 and up

4' by 4' painting

1 week+

$800 and up

Small painted table (e.g. end table)

4 days+

$450 and up

1' by 40'+ room border

2 weeks+

$1,000 and up

5' by 10' indoor mural

2 weeks+

$2,000 and up

I can't wait to work with you!