Project Objective

A site to engage customers both new (via enjoyable photos, plenty of content, easy map/hours) and loyal (via a blog, video posts, and social media).

Designed spring 2014

Design Strategy

Delicious photos open the site, establishing the vibrant color palette and atmosphere that's a mix of rustic and modern style.

The user has options to read more by clicking on the black/white navigation or engaging immediately by playing an intro video.

Placing the social media buttons and FB feed in the footer prevents the site from seeming overrun with "annoying Gen-Y's" but still active and friendly.

Techie Stuff

The site is a long scroll, laid out with phones in mind first.

The event calendar is on a page with the brewery's embedded Google Calendar, to make the events easy to share on any device.

✓  custom layout
✓  responsive
✓  custom build in html5/css3